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Workspace Whiz 4.0 License

Workspace Whiz - A Visual Studio Add-in is Copyright 1997-2012 by Joshua C. Jensen.

The following license applies to Workspace Whiz 4.0 versions and above.

Workspace Whiz may be freely used for any non-profit use.  Individuals or companies using Workspace Whiz during the development of for-profit software (this includes shareware and commercial developers) are required to purchase Workspace Whiz licenses as described below after a suitable evaluation period.

Workspace Whiz may be freely distributed provided it isn't charged for and is not modified in any form.

The license fee for Workspace Whiz provides a license to use Workspace Whiz on only one workstation at any given time. More than one workstation can have a registered version of Workspace Whiz installed, from the same license, so long as only one workstation is in use at any given time for a given license.

Workspace Whiz and its accompanying files are provided "as is." The author can not be held liable for any damages caused through the use of this software, except for refund of the purchase price.

Workspace Whiz 4.4 Beta Build 1208

Download Workspace Whiz 4.4 Beta Build 1208 for Visual Studio 2002/2003/2005/2008/2010/2012/2013.

Download Workspace Whiz 4.3 Beta Build 1206 for Visual C++ 6.

Workspace Whiz 3.0 Build 1027

Download Workspace Whiz 3.0 for Visual Studio 2002/2003 Build 1027.

Copyright © 2000-2012 Joshua C. Jensen