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Workspace Whiz 3.0

Build 1026 (July 8, 2003)

  • Official VS.NET 2003 support added.
  • More generalization of the code to handle the differing VCProjectEngine objects between VS.NET 2002 and VS.NET 2003.
  • Global File Open works in VS.NET 2003.
  • Exuberant Ctags 5.5 added.
  • All file formats supported by Exuberant Ctags are available in this build, including .cs files.

Build 1025

  • VS .NET 2003: Although it has been there for a while, additional support has been added to detect the Visual Studio .NET version and properly pop up the first time Options dialog.
  • Tag completion is fixed again.

Build 1024

  • VS .NET: The template completion keyword was left behind.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes for both platforms.

Build 1023

  • VS .NET: Most template functionality is operational.

Build 1022

  • VS .NET: If key bindings can't be assigned, usually due to a copy of the default settings not being made yet, a dialog appears informing the user of the error.
  • File globbing support has been added for filename resolution, especially for Extra Files.  Currently, documentation for this support can be found at in the Patterns and Wildcards section.
  • Support for turning on/off non-project lines in the Extra Files list has been corrected.
  • Environment variable resolution for the Extra Files dialog has been turned off.
  • VS .NET: Fixed some portions of the template support, including basic text insertion.
  • VS .NET: The template command Caret() works.
  • VS .NET: The template command ExecuteCommand() works.
  • Added the ability to put escaped characters inside quotes for template commands.

Build 1021

  • Fixed a bug where a Ctags command-line argument had changed and caused hangs when adding additional file extensions for tags.
  • VS .NET: The VCProjectEngine support has been removed in favor of an alternate method. The crash bug should be gone now.

Build 1020

  • Fixed a corner case where leftover temporary files called VDRIVEPACK*.* were being left in the user's temporary directory.
  • In the Extra Files dialog, all workspace and project files are on the same combo dropdown.
  • A / (slash) and a * (asterisk) can be used in the File Open dialog for wildcard searching.
  • .csproj and .sln files were getting ignored. Fixed.

Build 1019

  • Widened the File Open dialog's Prefix field.
  • Added a Global scope to the File Open dialog. Both buttons, for Workspace File Open and Global File Open, still exist, but their functionality is identical now.
  • Tried not shutting down the VS .NET VCProjectEngine, in hopes that the shutdown crash (which is nowhere near Workspace Whiz code) will go away.

Build 1018

  • Fixed the highlighting of lines to put the cursor at the beginning of the highlighted line, instead of the end.
  • VS .NET: The tag system wasn't responding to newly saved files properly. Fixed.
  • VS .NET: A lot of new error checking code, to further isolate the shutdown crash problem.
  • Fixed a bug that generated bogus tags.
  • VC6: Made compile against new Platform SDK.

Build 1017

  • VS .NET: Workspace Whiz doesn't crash command-line builds.
  • VS .NET: Detects whether Visual Studio killed the Workspace Whiz toolbar (left it with 0 items). If so, it prompts you for recreation.
  • Removed a potential crash should Workspace Whiz fail to start up.

Build 1016

  • New button on the Key Bindings Preferences page to assign all key bindings, instead of just the visible key bindings.
  • Tags functionality should work all the way (much more like the 2.x revs of Workspace Whiz).
  • Upgrade to Ctags 5.3.

Build 1015

  • Beta expiration turned off.
  • The line of text that was missing in the Find Tag dialog describing the tag that was selected is back.
  • c:\tags is no longer used for tag generation. The user temp directory is used, as before.
  • Some of the blank tag problems have been fixed.

Build 1013

  • VS .NET: A lot of template functionality is still not working.
  • VS .NET: Fixed File Open dialog (and a bunch of other ones, too) focus problem after the dialog exits.
  • VS .NET: Tag builds (and loads) should be even faster now.
  • VS .NET: Line selection and line centering work according to spec now.
  • VC6: Key bindings problem fixed.

Build 1012

  • First public release of Workspace Whiz 3.0 Beta.

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